Isatphone Pro External Antenna
Isatphone Pro External Antenna
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Isatphone Pro External Antenna

Isatphone Pro external antenna

This is an external antenna kit for the Inmarsat IsatPhonePRO.
The kit includes a phone cradle with suction-cup mount, a magnetic-mount antenna, and 1.5 meter cable antenna and GPS cables.   Once connected, there is no loss of transmission within the line of sight of the satellite.The suction-cup mounted cradle make the kit a quick way to maintain Inmarsat GSPS connectivity from land vehicles.

Fits Model: Isatphone pro,Isatphone Pro

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Isatphone Pro External Antenna

ideal for Automotive use with teh Isatphone Pro Satellite phone

Isatphone Pro External Antenna Specs


  • Magnetic mount antenna
  • Cables:  1.5 meter antenna cable and GPS cable
  • Suction-cup cradle suitable for vehicular use
  • Lateral dimensions of antenna: 4.4" x 5.7"
  • Height of antenna 1.91"
  • Color of antenna: light gray radome
  • Weight of antenna: 0.6 lb

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